Fees for counselling

The fee for the assessment session (which lasts up to an hour and a half) is £40 and at that session the counsellor will discuss with you the fee for your weekly counselling. You will only be asked to pay what you can realistically afford. This fee will normally be between £15-£55.

CPF Counselling Croydon is a non-profit-making registered charity and we aim to make counselling affordable so that no one is excluded from counselling. However, we depend largely upon clients' fees to be able to provide this service.  We ask clients to take this into account when the counsellor negotiates the fee with them. A bursury is available for some clients to be able to afford fees.*

The fee is reviewed annually.

Before your assessment session we ask you to pay a £10 registration fee as a contribution towards the administrative cost of dealing with the application.

*At various times there may be a waiting list for bursaries, and there may therefore be a significant wait before a client can be seen.